About Us


  • It all started in 1950 for Peter J. Manetta where he apprenticed working for a design job shop starting out as detailer. In a very short time he advanced to a principle designer of jigs and fixture tooling for government aircraft contractors, Pratt & Whitney (Safire Jet engine), Boeing (B-50 and B-52 Aircraft) and other government projects.
  • In 1952 he was inducted into military during the Korean Conflict where he was stationed in Alaska with Special Category of the Army with Air-Force (SCARWAF) G2 Intelligence & Engineering. He worked with civilian personnel Civil Engineers, as a Topographical draftsman designing radar installation sites for the Defense Early Warning Systems fence (DEWS). In 1954, after fifteen months of service in Alaska he received a honorable discharge.From 1954 Peter was engaged at the dawn of the Automation and Robotics era, where much of his experience on knowledge of plant layout design, proposal, automatic assembly systems, automation equipment, robotics and mechanical devices. This experience was complimented due to his experience as field installation supervisor.
  • In 1964 he became Chief Engineer for a large body in white welding assembly company, (Simplex Corporation) which then added automation design and build to their forte. In 1968 he was hired as Chief Engineer for Cunningham Associates Inc. leading designers on hole drilling, piercing and rivet stitching the assembly of floor, sides and ceiling for the complete assembly of “Lufkin Semi Trailers” and other assembly systems.
  • Eighteen months later in 1969 he returned to Simplex Corp. as Chief Engineer until the company ceased to exist in 1970. He hired into Systemation Corp. a division of LaSalle Machine Tool, as a Project Engineer. After completing a “Rear Axle & Housing Assembly Carousel System” from conception, he moved on.



  • A year later in 1972 he went into business for himself. His company Mandeco (Man-etta De-sign Co-mpany), was engaged in robotic tooling (end effectors) for AMF (American Machine and Foundry). He also provided design services for Wilson Automation, Centri-Spray, Systemation, Visa-Trol, Ingersoll Rand, Lamb Technicon, Harry Major, Giddings & Lewis, Newcor and others, who were engaged in Automatic Assembly Systems, Automation Equipment and many other devices of Mechanical Designs.



  • Mandeco was renamed Paradigm Design Service Inc. on 1984 until 1994 when the Company was sold to Wisne Design with a crew of twenty-five (25) personnel. During the interim Paradigm Engineering Inc. dba Detail Standard Co. was created in 1990. He saw the need for standardizing certain details that were used repetitively in the design of automation and special machines. His engineering background made it obvious that the company could streamline the design and build process by making common sizes of these details available to machine builders. Machine building process starts with engineering; so a line of products were developed and placed in a catalog that was “user friendly” to the designers and engineers in the business. Once the catalog began circulating, the cost effectiveness became obvious to designers and builders alike. Designers no longer needed to detail nor builders to process these details…they were simply listed on a Bill of Material, (BOM) then builders ordered the parts. The risk of mistakes in design and manufacturing scrap parts was virtually eliminated and the lead time was cut to the bare minimum.



Through the years Detail Standard has expanded their product line by creating another company in 2006 called Paradigm Engineering Inc. dba Diversified Automation, which manufactures eighteen (18) different varieties of limit switch actuators. They also manufacture the option for high temperature environmental applications.

Detail Standard Co. offers machining capabilities of CNC Turning/up to 14” diameter, CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining with 3 & 5 axis capabilities, CNC Screw machining, along with their standard products for designers and machine builders.

They also offer Metal Fabrication Assembly and Prototype, Fixture assembly, Pallet assembly and more!

Detail Standard Co. has developed lasting relationships with many of their customers. Their design background enables them to ask the “right questions” when a call comes in for a certain product, engineering, machining, or application.
As an added benefit to the design and build community, they would like to introduce the resurgence of their former company, Paradigm Design Service Inc. to meet the needs of their customers for design of Automatic Assembly Systems, Automation Equipment, Robotics, Fixtures, Quality Metal Fabrication Design, Mechanical Design, Motion Load/Unloading Devices, Stand Alone Work and Welding Machines and Ergonomic Handling Devices.
Paradigm Design Service Inc. has a strong background in concept design, proposal and design engineering to meet their customer goals in this fast-paced world of technology without the unnecessary and expensive layers of management that can delay their progress.
The company is using, the latest “2D” and “3D” (Solid Works) design software to provide the interaction with their customers where progress can be monitored and approved before completion.